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NASCAR Simulators for Special Event Promotions
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Top End Racing Promotions is now accepting applications for sponsorship

car56We have 2 Race Car Simulators and 2 Fully Enclosed Trailers:

1. 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
2. 2007 Chevrolet Silverado
3. The Trailers are rolling billboards

What it Takes to Become a Sponsor: Decide on the size and location on the race car simulator you want to advertise your business. The advertiser must supply Top End Racing Promotions with brochures and other advertising information to have available for the public at all events.

Location Cost:

**Prices are negotiable, contact us for other sponsorship opportunities.

1. Hood & Part of Rear Quarters: @ $3,000.00

2. Rear Quarter Front Part Top: (This also includes small section on hood upper part) @ $1,000.00

3. Trunk Deck Lid @ $1,000.00

4. Rear Fender Lower (2 sides) @ $500.00

5. Spoiler Front Location @ $250.00

6. Spoiler Rear Location @ $250.00

7. Rear Back of Trunk @ $300.00

8. All Other Locations (each) @ $200.00

NOTE: (All graphics and decals must be provided by advertising sponsor) unless other arrangement are made.

Sponsorship July 17, 2015