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NASCAR Simulators for Special Event Promotions
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NASCAR SimulatorTop End Racing leases a NASCAR simulator for various company functions.

The simulator is an actual NASCAR car which was raced by professional race car drivers at over 190 miles per hour. It has a computer monitor on the dash, with working steering, braking and accelerator pedal.

  • The car reacts to the drivers’ action.
  • Turn the steering wheel to follow the track.
  • Brake and you will slow down.
  • Step on the gas and you accelerate.
  • Smoke even bellows from the tires

Not only does the driver enjoy the ride, but spectators get inside look captured by the action cam!

Monitors are set up outside for viewing equipped with screen on screen displaying for both driver and spectator

A track side tool cart houses a 27″ television for the waiting participants to view what is happening in the race car. We carry extensive insurance for all events.

Please Call (970) 361-7392, or via email on our Contact page.

About July 17, 2015